NY Child Victims Act

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NY Child Victims Act

The New York Legislature passed the Child Victims Act in 2019 which opened a window for child sex abuse victims to seek justice and some closure. That window is open until August 14, 2021. If you have been a victim of child abuse, the time to act is now.

The Child Victims Act helps adults who were abused as children finally seek justice and move forward with their lives. Sadly, child abuse has serious consequences on the victim’s development and relationships.

The attorneys at Ginsberg & Caspi are here to listen, help and fight for those who have been victims of child sex abuse and broken trust.

Know your rights. Speak to an attorney at our firm who can help you seek justice, accountability, and compensation.

Healing starts with just a phone call, but you must call us immediately. All calls are confidential and without charge or judgment.

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